40+ Trading instruments

Trade, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies & Indices

Award winning platforms

A trading environment based on FTG Trader, providing you multiple trading tools.

Traders Room with extensive tools

Complete trading reports and transaction reports with optional calendar and transaction management.

Fast Payments/Payouts

Accept wire transfer and credit card, satisfying clients’ requirements on fast transactions.

Live Support 24/6

Our professional support team is available to you at any time to help you get started or simply answer your questions.


Clients have direct access to international markets, fast order execution & detailed trading report

Trading Platform

We offer a wide range of instruments including CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Indices.


40+ instruments in 3 asset classes

Expert Advisors allowed

Charting tools & indicators

Windows Client

iOS & Android Applications


Full charting history

Trader’s Room

Manage your Trading Accounts

Quick Deposits & Withdrawals

Full Trade History

Economic Calendar

Daily E-mail Reports

Invest into Strategies

Become a Money Manager

A modern broker driven by innovation

At Fair Trading Global, we strive to providing our traders the best trading experiences with transparency, innovation and honesty.

Core Values

Our core values are Transparency and Innovation. With those in mind, our mission is to deliver a platform that is of the highest quality in terms of redundancy, availability, implementation, data centers and ease of use for the end user.


With Fair Trading Global, we want to create an offering to the client that not only does what it should, but also goes beyond the expected and create a richer experience for the customer. It doesn’t matter if you are new or a seasoned trader or money manager, we treat all our clients the same – with skilled and dedicated support, an extensive and flexible offering and best of breed technology.


Fair Trading Global is running on technology provided by a well renowned turn-key solution provider for brokerages all around the world. Since then, they have helped several brokerages streamline their business routines and achieved a more efficient and profitable model by adding technology into their business.