About Us

Company History

Fairtrading Group (FTG) begun as a company which provided cutting edge technology to clients, institutions and banks. FTG’s technology connected platforms and liquidity providers in a seamless and transparent fashion which granted all clients direct access to the best financial liquidity possible.

As our company grew, Fairtrading Group provided products such as advanced white labels, FIX API , MT4-to-MT4 Bridge, Back office solutions, PAMM, MT5 and Risk Management tools for brokers of all sizes. By revolutionizing the foreign exchange industry with these innovative products, our partners viewed us as a paragon and thus followed in our footsteps, essentially restoring the long lost equilibrium to the world’s largest financial market.

In 2015, Fairtrading Group’s decision to enter the brokerage business was a milestone for the company. Our business expanded exponentially and our decisions proved to be truly beneficiary for the foreign industry as a whole. Being the first company that utilized its own technology to create an FX Exchange that connected global clients to the best banks, Fairtrading made major strides in the industry which shattered previous norms.

As the financial markets continue to blossom and change, we aim to be the force behind such changes and growth. We will make sure that honesty, security, transparency, and innovation will always remain the pillars of our company.

Why Choose Fair Trading Global

As the only financial technology and brokerage powerhouse in the industry, we have the exact tools to give clients a direct channel to the banks. Essentially, Fairtrading Group acts as an exchange between banks and LPs who provide first-hand liquidity to the market. By linking our clients, whether they are retail or institutional, we are able to guarantee top pricing and transparency.

We entered the industry years ago as a tech-brokerage because we believed that for an industry to evolve, vertical integration must happen. If we look at other companies such as Amazon, Mobil, Alibaba, and more specifically at Swedish conglomerates such as Ikea, H&M and Volvo, it is evident that by vertically integrating , we can provide lower costs, better quality and more transparent products that are tailored directly to our customers. This means we do not have to relay on other firms for technology or liquidity and can give Straight-Through-Processing (STP) to our clients. Furthermore, because of our experience, top-notch liquidity and relationships with multiple banks, a Direct Market Access Exchange (DMAX) system is integrated within our exchange model that brings clients straight to the banks.

Going forth, Our mission is to not only advance our technology in the ever-changing world, but also bring the world’s best financial products to your door, whether you are a client or an institution.